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Welding and grinding

We are certified according to EN 1090, ISO 3834 and ISO 15085.


We perform fusion welding using MIG/MAG and TiG methods - manually by trained welders with valid certificates. Serial production is carried out on MIG/MAG robotic welding workstations from ABB. As for welding sources, we use Fronius equipment. 



We offer the following welding methods

  • TIG
  • Spot resistance welding
  • Capacitor stud welding


Welded materials

  • Carbon-steel
  • Stainless-steel
  • Aluminium

We consider grinding and surface unification after welding a matter of course


  • Number of robotic workstations: 2
  • Number of carbon-steel workstations: 8
  • Number of stainless-steel workstations: 4
  • Number of aluminium workstations: 1

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