History of the company

ATONA, s. r. o. has been engaged in sheet metal processing since 2000. The main point of the company’s activity is production of sheet metal parts and welded structures according to customer specific requirements. A flexible approach to our clients‘ requests is a pillar of the company’s philosophy for that matter. This is complemented with maximization of service quality and continuous innovation of production technology. The aim of the philosophy is full customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

History endowed ATONA with valuable experience. From production with the first refurbished laser in a rented hall Paulinka through the necessity of dealing with almost liquidating consequences of floods and moving to our own, for production much more suitable premises, to expanding the spectrum of services offered. These now include everything from bending, punching and welding to all-inclusive locksmith production. Our production capacity is supported not only by the machinery equipment of the factory but also human resources (more than a hundred permanent employees) and certified management systems QMS and EMS.

This predisposes us to comply with the requirements of customers from the Czech Republic as well as the European Union and associated countries.

History in pictures