Director's message

The company ATONA s.r.o. is active in the market since 2000 and wins recognition in the field of sheet metal processing thanks to application of the most progressive technologies, but mainly thanks to the first-class quality of done work, flexibility, expertise and skills of all employees of our company. Our policy – to become flexible partners – has proved to be the decisive factor for reach of the common success and satisfaction of customer requirements.

Organizational structure of the company ATONA s.r.o. is adapted to respond flexibly to the most demanding requirements of our customers with observation of the principles of modern management. Our utmost objective is to manufacture and deliver the requested product within the set deadline, without unnecessary bureaucracy and with respect to a high quality and optimum price. Fulfilment of these objectives is priority for each member of the top management as well as for all employees.

Nowadays the company employs 60 specialists and this trend is of ascending character. From September 2006 we have been manufacturing our products in a new modern manufacturing hall and in 2008 we were awarded the certificates conforming to the standards of the integrated management system, QMS and EMS.

Let me express many thanks to all of you, to our customers and business partners. Thanks to you the company ATONA has chosen the right path.

Ing. František Švec,
General Director of the company ATONA s.r.o.